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Innovative visit of the PRINCEPS 360°

The 360° visit is made for all health professionals through a digital
and playful environment


Medical specialist

- Enhance the field of expertise
- To promote new medical practices
- To reassure patients
- To inform


Sales force

- To support sales force
- To incrase medical prescriptions' performances
- Commercial relaunching and Follow up doctors
- Visit remotely production units


Private clinic
Medical infrastructures

- To enhance infrastructures
- To reassure patients
- To highlight modernity and expertise
- To inform patients

  • PLAYFUL: Easy access to all the information which are displayed in unique medias (such as video, text, pdf...).
  • PRODUCTS: Innovative visit of a location, a product which reinforce relational connection with doctors.
  • SPEED: Quick access to all information at a low cost.
  • TRACKING: number of unique visitors, time spent on the support, geo-tracking, etc.
  • CREATE: a renewed interest towards sales force or patients.
  • IMPACT: Strengthen the impact toward doctors, medical specialists or patients.
  • MEMORIZATION: Increase information's memorization.
  • SURPRISE: Create surprise, buzz and virality.
  • INNOVATION: A powerful, unique and innovative marketing tool and support.
  • GENERATE: an innovative image of the company